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Growing Tomorrow’s Fuel Today®

Using advanced plant breeding and biotechnology, we are developing dedicated energy crops as raw materials for renewable transportation fuels, electricity and bio-based products.

Our products are making the large-scale production of biofuels possible by increasing yields, lowering costs, facilitating processing and refining, and even helping reduce greenhouse gases.

Gene and Trait Provider for Traditional Row Crops

Many of the same traits that benefit energy crops also benefit traditional row crops. So, Ceres supplies traits and technology to other well-known crop developers of corn, soy and other non-energy crops.

Ceres Crops

Sweet Sorghum, High-Biomass Sorghum, Switchgrass and Miscanthus

Market Segments
Developer and supplier of seeds for dedicated energy crops

Gene and trait provider for row crops.

Discoveries and IP
Ceres has a proprietary collection of more than 100,000 genes from numerous plant species.

~90 issued patents,
~110 U.S. and foreign patent applications pending*


Seed Brand
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Technology Platforms
Genomics & bioinformatics
Marker-assisted breeding

Thousand Oaks, California USA



*As of Feburary 2014

** As of November 2013

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