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Ceres has an extensive field trialing program to determine the best crops and varieties for likely production locations. We’re also developing agronomic practices and determining what grower economics will likely look like in this new industry.

Our high-biomass sorghum hybrids and high-yielding switchgrass cultivars are now available under our Blade Energy Crops brand. Other crops in our pipeline include: sweet sorghum, miscanthus and energycane.

Sorghum plant
  • Larger-scale production
  • Fewer inputs
  • Lower production cost
  • Sequester more CO2
  • Higher fuel yield per acre
  • Positive fossil fuel ratio

Crop traits

Ceres is developing a diverse portfolio of products and traits to maximize the potential of energy crops, with a special focus on making marginal acres more productive.  Ultimately, local farm and market economics will determine the best mix of crops and products for each region.

Crop Traits





Efficient  photosynthesis

Long canopy duration  

Nutrients recycled to roots



Low crop inputs


Low fossil fuel inputs



Adapted to marginal land


Minimal pests/plant diseases  



Non-invasive or sterile

Easily removed  

Winter standing  


High water-use efficiency  

Planted by seed  



Harvest first year  




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