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high-biomass sorghum seed bags
Our sorghum products were developed in collaboration with Texas A&M University.


As a quick-growing annual, high-biomass sorghum fits well into the mix of dedicated energy crops. Like other energy grasses, sorghum uses water and other inputs very efficiently, and thus tends to perform well on lands or in conditions considered marginal for other crops.

And unlike perennial energy grasses, which are generally not harvested during the first season, sorghum has robust establishment characteristics and can produce high yields of biomass in as few as 90 to 100 days in many areas. High-biomass types with our Skyscraper® trait can approach 15-18-ft tall under favorable conditions.

New Products


Our high-biomass sorghum hybrids are available under our Blade brand. These seed varieties were developed as part of our long-term collaboration with Texas A&M University.

Sorghum plant


Highly researched and well-understood, sorghum is a domesticated species. However, as a minor crop in the U.S., it has not fully benefited from breakthroughs in modern plant breeding and biotechnology. Therefore, rapid improvements can be made.

Based on the product candidates in our pipeline today, we expect to continually improve our commercial product line with higher yielding hybrids. Later-stage product candidates in our pipeline today have already demonstrated significantly higher biomass yields than current products.


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