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Sweet Sorghum Production Development
We are evaluating sweet sorghum for immediate use in sugarcane to ethanol and electricity production facilities in both Brazil as well as the United States.


Sweet sorghum complements sugarcane production, and can extend the production season by 60 days or more in places like Brazil. Naturally hardy, it can grow on land where sugarcane does not perform well.

A Complementary Crop

Sweet sorghum grows quickly,and matures in as few as 90 to 140 days, with potential for additional ratoon cuttings following the first harvest. It also uses less water and fertilizer than sugarcane, and achieves peak sugars at different times of the year. Moreover, it can produce sugars at comparable costs to sugarcane.

As an annual, sorghum can be harvested under wet conditions since there are few concerns about disturbing perennial roots systems. When hand-harvested, there is no need to pre-burn the field. And, since sugar accumulates mid-stalk, they can also be cut higher off the ground, which reduces mineral uptake (ash and dirt).

Upcoming Products

Sweet Sorghum buttonFor sugar-based biofuel production, Ceres will introduce sweet sorghum hybrids to complement or expand feedstock supplies in sugarcane-growing regions. This includes Gulf Coast states in the United States and other sub-tropical or tropical growing environments, like Brazil. Visit our Brazil website (Portuguese) >>

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We are testing a number of high-yielding hybrids with high sugar content.

In Brazil, we have established agronomy trials throughout the major ethanol production areas. These trials help us identify the best varieties and traits for different local conditions. They also allow us to better understand how different cultivation practices impact harvest,
transportation and processing parameters.

Ceres works with leading mills, technology companies and designers of biorefineries to facilitate the introduction of sweet sorghum into existing operations and infrastructure.

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