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Sweet Sorghum Production Development
Sweet sorghum complements sugarcane production, and can extend the production season.


A Complementary Crop

Sweet sorghum is a type of sorghum that accumulates free sugars in its stalk much like sugarcane. It is sown by seed, grows faster than sugarcane, and typically requires substantially less water and nitrogen fertilizer than sugarcane.

To produce ethanol, sweet sorghum juice is extracted through crushing in existing sugarcane equipment, and then fermented to fuel. The leftover biomass, called bagasse, is combusted for biopower like sugarcane bagasse. Because sweet sorghum plants mature more quickly than sugarcane, and reach optimal sugar levels at different times of the year, we believe existing sugar-to-ethanol mills in Brazil can complement their feedstock supply and extend their operational season through the use of our sweet sorghum product by up to 60 days.


Sweet Sorghum buttonOur current sweet sorghum product line consists of improved, proprietary seed varieties and hybrids developed through conventional and marker-assisted breeding. Visit our Brazil website (Portuguese) >>

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