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Switchgrass Seed Bags
Ceres markets switchgrass seed under our Blade brand.


Switchgrass is a top pick for under-utilized land. It can be planted as a raw material for advanced biofuels or for biopower.

Hardy by nature, this warm season perennial grass can produce high yields of biomass with less water and fertilizer than almost any other crop. The plants grow as tall as nine feet high with roots just as deep.

Due to this large root structure, each acre of switchgrass can sequester the equivalent of five tons of CO2 each year. Under certain circumstances, perennial energy grasses like switchgrass could even be carbon negative - a benefit that other renewables cannot provide.



Our switchgrass products have demonstrated higher biomass yields on average over competing varieties across multiple evaluations. In our development pipeline, we have switchgrass varieties that offer additional increases in biomass, including the first hybrid switchgrass developed for bioenergy. These pre-commercial products represent an important step in switchgrass plant breeding and have shown significant yield increases over our current products.

Switchgrass Field

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