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Driving Down Costs and Expanding Opportunities

Our technology platforms are helping make biofuels, bio-based chemicals and biopower more economical and scalable. It starts with improving the crops themselves; a process as old as farming, but now coupled with the latest genomics-based breakthroughs.

Genomics and Model Systems

Plants as model systems

Our research started with the sequencing of plant DNA, discovering genes and determining their potential use. >>


Compositional Analysis

Compositional Analytics

Our biochemistry experts study crop composition and metabolism to improve fuel yields and facilitate refining. >>

Marker-Assisted Plant Breeding

Marker-Assisted Plant Breeding

Molecular markers speed product development and allow us to work with multiple traits in a simple, efficient way. >>


Crop Biotechnology

Biotech tools allow us to precisely add traits in ways not feasible through other plant breeding methods. >>

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