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We are able to further improve the quality of our future product offerings by adding our proprietary traits to our seeds. In most cases, the same trait can be added to multiple crops with similar effect.

Our current portfolio includes genes that have been shown to substantially increase sugar levels or biomass growth per plant as well as genes that have been shown to increase biomass under normal and reduced levels of nitrogen fertilizer. We have genes that allow plants to use water more efficiently and/or recover from water deficits more readily. We also have genes that have been shown to provide tolerance and enhanced recovery to both acute and prolonged salt stress, as well as withstand toxic levels of aluminum in the soil. In addition, we are developing genes that have demonstrated enhanced conversion of biomass to fermentable sugars and genes that regulate flower development.

Our biotech traits are at various stages of development in our pipeline. We are currently evaluating their performance in various target crops primarily through replicated, multi-year field evaluations.

Food, Feed and Fiber Crops

Other crops can benefit from many of the biotech traits we have developed for use in our crops. We have also developed traits specifically for food crops >>

A Unique Approach to Trait Development

We believe we were one of the first companies to implement the practice of developing biotech traits using two test species, rather than just one, which allows us to more successfully select gene-trait combinations that enhance commercial crops.

Ceres High-Throughput Technology Pipeline

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